“I’m full of secrets. Hopefully, no one will find out one day and make it a scandal … I’m joking.

“I love, really love eating cold pizza in the morning. Basically, when I eat a pizza and can’t finish it, I don’t know why [but] I love to eat it in the morning. Cold.

“Most of the time, I don’t eat in the morning. I go for my double espresso. But when I have the chance to have a piece of pizza in the morning, I go for it.

“When I’m off and I go [out to eat], easily for lunch, I go for oysters and steak tartare. That’s my first choice. However, I love burgers and pizza. I like to eat pizza at home when I watch TV and relax. And there is always a piece or two left, which I keep for the morning. But again, it doesn’t happen often.”

Raphael Francois is the Executive Chef at Le Cirque.

Interview and photo by Kara Chin

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