Everyone has a secret and chefs are no exception. Here is the first list of 10 French Master Chefs spilling their guts out for us.

1- Married the same women three times in two years. -BRUNO LOPEZ-

2- I love gummy bears, jelly beans and all chewy junk. -DANIEL BOULUD-

3- On my first day of elementary school I bit my teacher. They tied me up to a chair and put duct tape on my mouth. -ROLAND PASSOT

4- – I like Trader Joe’s frozen products- XAVIER SALOMON

5- – I am a fervent fan of any old western films; spaghetti westerns in particular. I love the elaborate drama, the era, the potential that provided for the imagination for a young kid. When I was growing up, my father and I would watch them in secret behind my mother’s back, and I think that memory adds to their allure.- LAURENT MANRIQUE

6- One day, early in my career working for Paul Bocuse, I put a copper pot in the oven that must have been 1,000 degrees because it burned the pot really badly. I was so scared and couldn’t throw it in the garbage because someone would find it. ! went in the back of the restaurant to bury it. I started to dig a hole and found another pot there that someone buried!- DIDIER ELENA

7–As an altar boy, I accidentally got drunk from drinking too much of the wine after mass.- GERALD HIRIGOYEN

8-I’ve been a chef for 40 years and I never baked a cake!-JEAN ROBERT DE CAVEL

9- My 1 st stage in cuisine for hotel school was at the Pre Catelan, owned at this time by Mr. Gaston Lenotre. One night he came in the prep kitchen taste the chocolate for enrobage, and told me it was too hot. I put a little bit of cold water!!! Big catastrophe the chocolate became like brick!! I thought it was my last day in the kitchen- Jean-Louis Dumonet

10- It’s a confession. Mom if you’re reading this, I want you to know that the cigarette ends you sometimes found in our backyard when I was a teen, it wasn’t the neighbor. They were all mine-Claude Le Tohic