Taryn Hickey
“I got this tattoo years ago when I lived in Philadelphia, where I lived for nine years and I kinda cooked on and off. And at that moment in time I was working in the fashion industry, and I hated it, so I quit, and decided to move back to New York to return to cooking.

“So I got a decaying rotten tooth on my leg, because sugar rots your teeth. And it says ‘Round 2′ because it was my return to this psychotic field. I think when you’re an actual chef and you don’t cook for a while, you kind of just get weird. Normal jobs don’t make sense. It’s like you’re a glutton for punishment. You hate it, but you miss it.”

Taryn Hickey Round 2 Tattoo

Taryn Hickey is a chef and baker at Robicelli’s Bakery in Brooklyn.

Interview and photo by Laurie Ulster




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