Edie Alt

“I got this tattoo at a time when I was considering dropping out of culinary school. I knew I couldn’t do that, but I wanted to. I decided to get a tattoo – a reminder of what I’m working for – not just the math, science, and foreign language classes I also needed to complete my degree.

“I combined two different tattoo ideas to form this one. It’s on my right forearm and I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on it. Some of my chef friends want to do the same thing – less the bow! I love my Shun knife – it really is an extension of me. I love everything about it. The Shun knife because I’m a Shun girl; the pink bow because that’s my signature color; and the whisk, because I not only love to cook, but bake as well.

Edie Alt arm tattoo

“Some people are surprised when they see a tattoo on an “older” woman. They probably think, ‘OMG, why did she do that to herself?’ But when other chefs see it, they get it, they understand what it means, what this business means. I don’t regret getting it one bit! I guess at 55 I can’t shock anyone anymore! This is also my 9th tattoo.”

Edie Alt is a newly graduated culinary student from the Art Institute of Michigan with a Bachelor of Culinary Arts degree