Victor Shelton
“My tats came about after much soul searching. I’ve always admired some of the really intricate work that I’ve seen and I wanted something that reflected my craft. I also wanted color so I sought out the most talented artist I could afford. I already knew what I wanted and I think that he did a really good job. My knives are marked with red tape and on my chef’s knife, the tape wasn’t exactly lined up and he captured the imperfection.

“[It] was done in one sitting and it took roughly 2 ½ hours from the initial layout to completion. I already had the design in mind so the planning was easy. I actually had my knives with me so that the artist could make it as realistic as possible. While you can’t see it in the photos, the tape on my chef’s knife is ever so slightly askew and my artist incorporated that into the work.

Victor Shelton
“My favorite thing is that it’s a constant reminder of my commitment to the craft. When I’m in the weeds, somehow my eyes are drawn to it and it’s a subtle reminder that I can do this.

“My artist was “Gudzik” at 13 Roses in East Atlanta Village. He has since moved on.”


Victor Shelton runs his own personal chef and catering company, 3 Red Knives.