Bachour: Recipes for the Professional Chef–eBook edition


The stunning debut cookbook from renowned Pastry Chef Antonio Bachour. Out of print, and highly coveted, this culinary masterpiece is now available for immediate download in eBook form.

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“The collaboration of Antonio Bachour and renowned potographer Alan Batt is an explosive cocktail of talents.  Together, they are creating without a doubt one of the best examples of what a modern Pastry Cookbook should be in this country and abroad.”

Chef Jordi Valles

Out of print, and highly coveted, this stunning debut cookbook from renowned Pastry Chef Antonio Bachour is both accessible and fun. This beautiful book features the signature flavor combinations, cooking techniques, and stunning presentations that have made Bachour such an celebrated chef of the pastry arts. He has dedicated the book to cooks and pastry chefs who want to give an exciting new dimension to their desserts. Alan Batt, known to everyone in the industry as Battman, is a legend in the food photography world. He takes these pictures to a new level, elevating a recipe book into an art book with passion and dedication present in every single beautiful shot.