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Meet Mawa McQueen, Chef/Owner of Mawa’s Kitchen in Aspen, CO

The story of Mawa McQueen is equal parts passion and serendipity. Born on Africa’s Ivory Coast and raised in Paris, France, Mawa’s first introduction to the culinary world came at an early age as the eldest of 11 siblings.

Peter S Haering

Myr favorite tool.   Chinese Cleaver Your current and/or most recent restaurants   North Shore Country Club When and where were you born?   Mount Vernon NY What was your first job in food?   snack bar cook When you were a...

Chef Sōta Atsumi Says Paris is All About Romance

Chef Sōta Atsumi is a Japanese chef who has been working in Paris for the last twelve years. Sōta started his French experience studying in Lyon at the Estoffier school. There he earned the trust of Chef Troigros, who gave Sōta the chance to do a stage at his restaurant which was a wonderful six month experience.