Chocolate by Antonio Bachour – Hardcover, Autographed


Chocolate is the third collaboration between celebrated Pastry Chef Antonio Bachour and renowned food-photographer Battman. Antonio Bachour is one of the most prolific pastry chefs in the world. His creations seem to come out so easily and quickly yet all of them taste as good as they look. “Chocolate” is Bachour’s 3rd book in 3 years and nothing like the 1st two. This Book includes Entremets, Petit Gateaux, Verrine, Tarts, Bonbons, and Chocolate Plated Desserts.

Alan Batt, known to everyone as simply Battman, is a legend in the food photography world.  Battman’s images take these dishes to a new level, elevating a simple recipe book into a treasured work of art.  His passion and dedication present in every single stunning shot. The renowned pastry chefs Oriol Balaguer and Carles Mampel from Spain penned the foreword.

“Meeting Antonio and seeing his work changed for me the concept of perfection. He is constantly searching for unique techniques and ideas that are not vulnerable by fashion or time. As paradoxical as it may sound, his work is both classic and avant-garde at the same time. His aesthetic signature is clear, in design and technique.”

– Luciana Bianchi

“What impresses me most about this genius-artist pastry chef, is that special thoughtfulness about what he does, combining in a unique way colors, flavors, decorations, and presentations. There is an extraordinary sensitivity and gentle wisdom that seems to arise from his fingers and his brain, offering us visual and gastronomic pleasure.”

– Carles Mampel

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