Summer in New York–eBook edition


89 full color photos and recipes



Papaya Wrapped Prawns with Endive Herb Salad, Sorrel Puree, and Fresh Sea Urchin; Kiwi and Sauvignon Blanc Soup; Soft Shell Crab with Garlic Chives, Kimchee, and Watermelon; Brazilian Crab Cakes; or Cobb Hot Dog? Give the best chefs in New York unrestricted freedom to celebrate the bounty of summer and the result isSummer in New York. Over 85 chefs from over 85 of the best restaurants present their creations in page after page of this beautifully photographed recipe book. From artichokes to zucchini, summer cooking is glorious to our eyes and our taste buds. Photographs by renowned photographer Alan “Battman” Batt, Summer in New York captures and documents the imagination and creativity of the best of the culinary world. The recipes are included, but be forewarned that many of these elegant dishes were created specifically for this book and no restrictions were placed on the chefs. Some of these are very complicated, others are quite simple. They are all delicious to the eye and are well worth trying because they are also delicious to taste.

The e-book version is in .pdf form and viewable on macs, pc’s, iPhones, androids and most reader tablets. 180 pages.