The Golden Book – New Asian Cuisine


36 Recipes, 6 Different Cuisines With a Twist

From the Best Asian Chefs Outside the Far East


"17 of the best Asian Chefs outside of the Far East got together to produce The Asian Food Mafia’s Cookbook. Where so many chefs are using Asian ingredients to enhance their dishes, these chefs are taking Asian dishes and adding other cuisine’s ingredients to enhance their traditional dishes." - Battman

"In recent years, we have started to see a group of young Asian American chefs that push the envelope in the education of Asian food. Collaborations like the Asian Food Mafia help to further the knowledge of the foods of Asia. Their contributions range from countless hours teaching and equipping those who are unemployed with a free training program called A School For Line Cooks from The Chef ’s Connection spearheaded by food photographer Alan Battman, to cooking on a large stage like the James Beard House. I support and encourage these chefs on their mission to educate through the expression of food.
I’m excited for you to read through this extensive collection of talented chefs’ recipes that highlight the beauty of their native cuisines. It’s an important piece of work for young chefs and home cooks alike to help further Asian cuisine culture. This is a unique perspective on the culture and the evolution of Asian food both in Asia and abroad." - Chef Susur Lee