Master Chefs of France–eBook edition


From 77 of the best French Chefs in the world, this book contains 154 recipes by the members of the MCF USA-Canada Chapter. Some of the more notable chefs include Eric Ripert, Daniel Boulud, Didier Elena and Roland Passot.  The forward is by Jacque Pepin and a preface from Paul Bocuse.                  To belong to the prestigious – and very exclusive – 60+ year-old culinary organization Maître Cuisiniers de France (MCF) is one of the highest honors a French Chef can earn.  To belong means that you work to preserve the French traditions of cooking and live to pass them on to the next generation so they have the skills to keep them alive. It’s not forgetting your roots while combining the old techniques with newer ones through fusion.
The Master Chefs of France keep this going by mentoring and teaching young, up and coming, chefs.  With 500 chef members worldwide, a few new ones are added to the fold yearly.
Many dishes in this book have seemingly never changed; others are traditional ones with a contemporary twist. Regardless, they will be good forever as they are. Happy cooking!