For Chefs Eyes Only one year membership




Information hub for sharing resources, ideas, opinions, and creating networks to keep in touch

One Year membership $25

1- Each Restaurant group will have their own platform

2- Student Resumes from the Culinary Schools will be posted

3- Chefs can post jobs. The public can check if there are any jobs in a specific restaurant.

4- Suppliers will post their Specials Of The Week on the weekends.

5- An Industry Events Calendar

6- Restaurant Share Program-If a restaurant is short staffed for a day and another has an extra employee that day, you could share that employee.

7- Find new solutions to old challenge and share them. Products, methods or new technology.

8- Post your bio and food philosophy, so others can follow your career progression

9- What your peers see as the best places to find talent?

10- Ever wondered where the chefs in your area are getting the best deals on equipment, or go to let off steam?

11- Find former colleagues and Connect with new ones.

12-Each chef will be able to post photos on their own page, visible to the other chefs and then there will be a public page with all the chefs food shots

13- Chefs can send me photos and ask my advice on how to make them better.

14- Restaurant Share Program-If one restaurant needs an employee for a short time and another restaurant has an employee that they don’t need for that same time, they could help each other.

AND…  20% off everything on The Chefs Connection website.

As we grow, we hope that sharing the things that inspire you will inspire others & the insights of the experts that really matter your fellow chefs will make everyone’s working life easier. (212) 228-8626