Colors of Dessert–eBook edition


Colors of Dessert is a stunning dessert cookbook containing 176 pages with 87 full color photos and recipes from some of the most famous chefs in the culinary industry. Each recipe has a recommended coffee pairing suggested by Starbucks. Photographed by world-famous food photographer Battman.


87 full color photos and recipes (176 p.)



For this project Battman presented a challenge to the world’s finest chefs: create a dessert from one of six colors. Using color as an inspiration, the desserts within this book bring pastry art to a new level and the recipes within brings them into your home. The all-star lineup of chefs include celebrity chefs Cat Cora, Emeril Lagasse, chocolate maker Jacques Torres of Jacques Torres Chocolate, Nancy Olson of Gramercy Tavern, Joël Robuchon of L’Atelier, Pichet Ong of P*ong, Sam Mason of Tailor, Patrick Lemble of The Four Seasons, Jessica Isaacs of Nobu and Johnny Iuzzini of Jean-Georges.

Food photography is no simple task. It takes a well trained eye to perfectly capture what already looks beautiful on the plate, to make it come alive on the printed page. Battman’s tactics are not unlike a cook’s sensibility and spontaneity. Not only does he work quickly and instinctively, but he is also fearless in pursuit of capturing his subjects in their best light. Once you’ve worked with him a few times, it wouldn’t surprise you to discover him lying on the floor to compose a shot at just the right angle, or adjusting the lighting to perfectly accentuate the way it reflects off of the smooth shininess of tempered chocolate.

This book celebrates the link between two highly visual media. Known for being perfectionists, but also free spirits within the culinary strata, pastry chefs think and work as architects, engineers, and problem solvers. The themes of Battman’s projects always provide a special challenge for his contributors. Using color as an inspiration may at first feel like a daunting task, but such an assignment can also be liberating. Compiled here we see this assignment expressed in many ways, from the subtle to the bold, from the dramatic to the playful; much like a photographer, these chefs have each, through their dishes, brought a personal mood, atmosphere and emotion to the gastronomic.