Celebrating Women Chefs – ebook




This E-Book exclusive is 409 pages (more than you want to carry around or we want to ship), and 25% will be donated to a children’s charity that will be picked by November 1st,

Well before the age of celebrity chefs, women were the backbone of American kitchens. But if a picture paints a thousand words, a blank slate comes into focus. The spotlight shone elsewhere.
For more than 20 years, the Chef’s Connection has included as many women chefs as possible in its work, capturing the pioneers that have elevated both American cuisine and gender equality in the restaurant business.
This collection highlights the recipes of standouts spanning two decades, from all stages of their careers and all corners of the country. Try Alex Guarnaschelli’s savory winter vegetable pie, a recipe she shared in 2001. Sue Torres’ torta de carnitas from 2007. Anita Lo’s 2011 recipe for fish balls in a crispy fish cone — or a treasured fried chicken recipe from the late great Leah Chase, published just last year.
All have gone on to do great things. Many are James Beard Award nominees, finalists or winners. Those following in their footsteps have them to thank for opening doors and demonstrating the kind of excellence that defies exclusion.
If the James Beard Awards are any indication, there is ample room for both hope and improvement. In 2011, women accounted for just 11% of wins and nominations. But 2018 was the most inclusive year for women in the foundation’s history. Still, the ratio failed to crack 40 percent.
Here’s to all their successes, and to greater representation ahead.