Gregory Doyen was born July 1984 into an artistic family in the French countryside of Brionnais Burgundy and experienced the magic of pastry early in his childhood when the family kitchen became his favorite place.

It was here where his passion for pastry grew. He enjoyed watching his mother closely when she prepared a fresh apple pie every Sunday morning with apples that he’d personally just gathered from the family garden.

The smell of the freshly baked pie enchanted the whole neighborhood and resulted in unforgettable memories of a childhood filled with arts and food.

Seduced by the handcrafted glass sculptures that his father created and the fine dishes from his mother’s hands, Gregory would soon realize that his future would include a combination of both worlds.


At the age of sixteen, Gregory DOYEN continued his education at the Culinary College “Le Castel” in Dijon and the ENSP school in Yssingeaux which is known as France’s leading school in pastry arts.

His studies were also enhanced by a 3-year internship at the famous Lyonnaise pastry Maison Lafay.

After five years of study, he graduated with four diplomas (CAP-BEP-MC and BTM) providing a solid foundation for what would become his future work.


After Gregory Doyen completed his studies, he started as a confectioner at the “Grand Vefour” in Paris and at the 5-star restaurant “Le St. Paul” in the south of France where he refined his knowledge in “dessert sur assiette“.


In 2008, at the age of 24, Gregory Doyen was finally allowed to express his passion freely in Moscow for Potel & Chabot.

He remained there as the Pastry Chef for two years and developed new pastry creations and customized events on a daily basis.


In 2011 Gregory became Executive Pastry Chef and Restaurateur for the Hediard group in Russia. He designed and opened a 6500 square foot luxury pastry laboratory.

In January 2016 Gregory Doyen accepted the position of executive Pastry Chef for the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Taipei.

Adjusting with ease to the increased scale of responsibilities, he is now overseeing the dessert production for the gourmet restaurant, room service and the catering, as well as producing close to 500 differents pastries daily with his team of 35 employees.