• President Biden visited a restaurant for the first time during his term – Call Your Mother, a trendy “Jew-ish” deli in Georgetown near the church he attended for Sunday mass. Business at the deli was up by 100% on Monday, a sign that restaurants visited by the president could enjoy a “Biden Bump.” Other DC area restaurants have their fingers crossed that they’ll make the first family’s list. [via The Washington Post]
  • Outdoor dining has resumed in California after Governor Gavin Newsom lifted some of the most stringent restrictions on business. ICU bed availability has increased, and the stay at home order and curfew have been lifted. [via Nation’s Restaurant News]
  • Pop-up restaurants are using Instagram to share menus, market programs and even take orders to great effect. California restaurant critic Tejal Rao highlights some of the offerings in LA. [via The New York Times]
  • Instagram has also become an essential tool for restaurants to share new menu items, operating hour changes and temporary closures, especially during the pandemic. Will every restaurant have an in-house influencer in the near future? We’ll have to wait and see. [via Eater SF]
  • If you’ve become an avid baker and bread maker over the last year, you’re not alone. Be on the lookout for Mother Grains by Roxana Jullapat out in April . It’s filled with sweet and savory recipes that use less common grains like buckwheat and barley, usually in conjunction with wheat flour, and will have you addicted to whole grains. [via Bon Appetit]
  • An ode to Indian buffets and a hope for their future from Indian, Puerto Rican, Italian-American writer Raj Tawney. [via The New York Times]

Sarah Strong