THANK YOU for making The Great Gathering of Chefs a wonderful success!

153 Chefs came together in one room to help raise money and awareness for Food and Finance High School, autographing 100 copies of the new Crossing Borders/Sweet Crossings cookbook. Guests were treated to a magnificent dine-around tasting from 15 of New York’s finest restaurants while mingling with some of the culinary industry’s brightest stars. We are especially thankful to everyone who supported this event, including all of the hardworking volunteers, and our generous sponsors. THANK YOU!


Food and Finance High School volunteers at The Great Gathering of Chefs 2018

Special Thanks to our wonderful volunteers!

Wang Yuan
Andrew Gold

FFHS Students:

Jahqyad Austin
Janiya Modeste
Marielle Martinez
Christopher Bowen
Michael Stanton
Christopher Mazzella
Jaylen Downer
Aaliyah Pompey
Kayla Rupat

The Great Gathering of Chefs is an annual charity fundraising event held in New York City.  This gala event will bring together nearly 150 of New York’s most renowned chefs to autograph copies of the new Crossing Borders / Sweet Crossings cookbook by Battman which has been created specifically for the occasion.  Guests can mingle with these culinary masters while viewing the beautiful displays of food photography and sampling some of the delicious cuisine featured in the book.

When: Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Chef Book Signing (VIP tickets only):  3:30-5:00pm
Dine Around Tasting (Main Event): 6:00-8:00pm

Where:  Prince George Ballroom, 15 E 27th St, New York, NY


The Food Education Fund (FEF) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that works to promote sustainable positive life outcomes for the youth of New York City. FEF increases access to education and career opportunities through the academic and experiential learning programs at Food and Finance High School, the only four year culinary high school in NYC; advances research in sustainable food sourcing through its collaboration with higher education institutions through its hydroponic and aquaponics laboratories; and through various support services, helps the students of Food and Finance High School develop critical professional and interpersonal skills such as decision-making, financial literacy, job-readiness and citizenship.

About Food and Finance High School:
Preparation for higher-learning and the workforce is key to the ongoing success of our students. NYC comes together at Food and Finance High School to provide a rigorous and rewarding Regents Diploma and culinary curriculum for our students. We’re more than a school, we are a community that supports our students as they tackle new challenges and reach new heights. We work to inspire and to empower our students.

  • Students learn the true reward of hard work, dependability and time management from a staff of acclaimed chefs, educators and business leaders that oversee their curriculum, field trips and internships.
  • Food and Finance works to understand its students’ barriers of success and develops additional programs to support their needs and dreams.

Chefs Participating in the Book Signing

Aaron Bludorn
Abe Hiroki
Adin Langille
Akshay Bhardwaj
Alex Grunert
Alexander Williamson
Amanda Cook
Amitzur Mor
Anastacia Song
Andrew Riccatelli
Andrew Whitcomb
Andy D’amico
Andy Gold
Angela Borah
Anthony Ricco
Anthony Smith
Antonio Bachour
Antonio Prontelli
Anwuli Obidi
Ari Nieminen
Ashfer Biju
Ben Fuoco
Ben Lee
Bernard Liberitore
Bill Telepan
Bill Yosses
Brad Kilgor
Brad Steelman
Bryan Ray
Bryce Shuman
Carles Mampel
Carlos Zhagui
Carlos Bigi
Cedric Vongerichten
Cesare Casella
Charlie Palmer
Chris Jaekle
Chris Shea
Chris Stam
Christina Tosi
Christophe Bellanca
Christopher Engel
Clarisa Martino
Claude Godard
Colleen Grapes
Damian Sansonetti
Dan Kluger
Daniel Boulud

Daniel Skurnick
David Burke
David Waltuck
Derrick Stycdek
Didier Elena
Doron Wong
Ed Brown
Ed Cotton
Emily Wallenjack
Eric Bedoucha
Eric Bertoia
Eric Ripert
Erik Battes
Erin Burns
Fabian Von
Fabio Bano
Florian Bellanger
Franklin Becker
Gabriel Kreuther
Gary King
Gary Volker
Geoffrey Tulloch
Ghaya Oliveira
Glauciene Miscoll
Greg Brainin
Gustavo Tzoc
Heather Carlucci
Hung Huyn
Ikuma Motoki
Ivy Stark
James Destefano
James Kent
Jansen Chan
Jason Hua
Jayce Baudry
Jean-Francois Bruel
Jean-Louis Dumonet
Jenny Lee
Jeremiah & Fabian
Jesus Nunez
Jillian Duran
Joe Murphy
Joel Reiss
Johanna Langi
John Beatty
John Delucie
John Doherty
John Greely

Jonathan Wu
Juan Pardo
Justin Rowe
Karen Mcgrath
Karine Bakoum
Kathryn Gordon
Katie Rosenhouse
Kemis Lawrence
Kierin Baldwin
Kristen Battaglia
Kristin Menton
Kristina Williamson
Larissa Raphael
Laurent Tourondel
Mame Sow
Manjit Manohar
Marc Aumont
Marc Forgione
Marc Vidal
Marcus Gleadow-ware
Mari Gaube
Mario Castrellon
Mario Urgiles
Mark Welker
Markus Glocker
Massimo Bebber
Matt Hoyle
Matteo Bergamini
Mauricio Santelice
Medwin Pang
Meredith Kurtzman
Michael Anthony
Michael Gabriel
Michael Jenkins
Michael Laiskonis
Michael Mignano
Michael White
Michael Zebrowski
Michal Shelkowitz
Michele Goldsmith
Michelle Weber
Mina Pizzarro
Miro Uskokovic
Monica NG
Nicolas Abello
Nicolas Botomisy
Patti Vega
Peter Turso

Soulayphet Schwader
Philippe Givre
Pichet Ong
Pierre Poulin
Pierre Schaedelin
Ralph Scamardella
Regina Anderson
Richard Leach
Ricky Estrellado
Rob Valencia
Robert Bleifer
Ron Ben-Israel
Scott Grewe
Scott Schneider
Seamus Mullen
Sharon Vanegas
Simone Apostoli
Slavatore Martone
Sofia Schlieben
Stèphane Motir
Stephen Coliccio
Stephen Yen
Steve Dustin
Susan Stockton
Suzanne Cupps
Sylvain Delpique
Sylvain Leroy
Terrance Brennan
Theodore Goupil
Thiago Silva
Thomas Raquel
TJ Obias
Tracy Obolsky
Travis Swikard
Tyler Atwell
Vicki Wells
Victoria Burghi
Yoshi Kojima
Yuhi Fujinaga
Vera Tong

Restaurants Participating in the Tasting
El Toro Blanco Restaurant Logo

Many Thanks to Our Sponsored Partners

National Peanut Board

Chef’s Delight

Afficionado Coffee Roasters


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