Everyone in the culinary world knows Battman.  His eye for beauty and artistic flair have made him one of the most sought after photographers in the food industry, and his groundbreaking style has set new standards for creativity and originality.  Battman’s work consistently receives praise from foodies and culinary professionals alike.

Battman originally made his name as a photographer taking pictures of his native New York City, and was a successful producer of souvenir greeting cards for many years.   His work was well received and recognized by the community, and he is the only photographer to have ever been honored with an exhibition in the Empire State Building (which encompassed an entire floor).  Battman is also creator of the famous New York City Firefighters Calendar, a philanthropic effort to raise funds and awareness for the Staten Island University Hospital Burn Center.

Over the last fifteen years, Battman has focused his lense on food photography (or ph’ood as he puts it ), and his prolific output includes many critically acclaimed cookbooks.

Here are a few of our favorite snapshots of Battman in action and some behind the scenes fun with famous chefs.


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