The Chef’s Connection takes you on an insider’s tour of the culinary industry, showing you the artistry of the world’s top chefs as seen through the lens of renowned food photographer Alan “Battman” Batt.  Get behind the scenes looks at chef’s lives, and browse our gorgeous photo galleries highlighting their many talents.  Read interviews with famous chefs and other rising stars.  Explore our massive video library to hear funny stories from chefs, see exclusive one-on-one interviews, cooking demonstrations, and more.  We also have a comprehensive calendar of food events and an e-mail newsletter to keep you in the know.

Beautiful Food Photography

Battman’s eye for beauty and artistic flair have set new standards in the field of food photography.  These galleries are just a taste of his truly prolific output.

  • The Maîtres Cuisiniers de France (MCF) is the oldest organization of Chefs worldwide. Its motto is "to preserve and spread the French Culinary Art, e...

  • Antonio Bachour’s second book is packed with even more detailed recipes and big photos of his wonderful plating.

  • Out of print, and highly coveted, Antonio Bachour’s first book is now available for immediate download in eBook form.

  • With more than 100 recipes and 50 full-color photographs, Everyday’s A Sundae will take you on frozen foray through the seasons.

  • Joey Bats Brings Portuguese “Pastéis De Natas” to New York
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Chef Interviews

Read our interviews with top Chefs from around the world.
We ask questions no one else would dare!


Our library of over 200 videos features hilarious Tales from the Kitchen, Chef Interviews, Cooking Skills, and more!

Food Events

Our Food Events calendar is a comprehensive catalogue of culinary curiosities and delights to be found in the greater New York City area.  We have all the latest information on the hottest happenings to help you plan your next edible adventure.

Battman with Chefs Andre Brunier and Jean Luc Gerin

The Adventures of Battman - Blog

Join the indefatigable Battman as he travels the globe in search of food and fun!  See up close and personal photos with Chefs and read about Battman’s amazing adventures.

Chef Profiles

The definitive Who’s Who of the culinary world.  Our directory of Chef Profiles is your guide to famous and up and coming Chefs alike.

Chef Tattoos

Every tattoo tells a story, and these Chefs are full of stories.  Send us your tattoo photos!


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