Scott Conant

“I do not like ketchup at all. But there was a time in my life where I had these little copper pans in the restaurant. I was having some issues with the way that the runners and busboys were polishing these things, so I decided not to use a chemical polish, and to try ketchup because of the high acid content.

“But I hated the idea of having ketchup inside this restaurant. And the staff would use it, obviously. So I was like, ‘I will not have ketchup and pay for it inside this restaurant. If you guys want ketchup, go buy ketchup. And when you store that little copper pot polisher, it has to be in a container labeled “copper polish.” It cannot be labeled ketchup, with a k or a c.’

“I was very adamant about that. And people thought I was crazy. But I will not pay for your ketchup habits.

“Geoffrey Zakarian, who I’m sure you know very well, he [asked], ‘What is wrong with you?’ And Geoffrey is THE most pretentious guy in the world, and for him to say, ‘Scott, come on, you’re being ridiculous,’ I realize that I need to come off of it a touch. But the idea of ketchup on someone’s eggs, or too much ketchup on your fries, or ketchup on this, that or the other thing … we’re adults. Eat your food properly. Stop masking it behind this stuff. Stop it!”


Interview and photo by Laurie Ulster

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