Ricky Estrella

“Is Fatburger still open?

“I don’t go to the west coast often, but when I do, my first stop is In & Out burger. The fattier they are, the better. Now the east coast is catching up, so I don’t have to go [to the west coast] as much.

“How often do I have them? Don’t tell my wife! As much as I can. Once a week, maybe. I get fries on the side. A milkshake too.

“I live in Jersey. I know there’s a lot of good burgers in the city, but I don’t like driving to the city and paying for parking and then buying a burger. It costs more than the burger.”

Ricky Estrellado is the Executive Chef at Nobu New York (Downtown).


Interview by Laurie Ulster

Photo by Kara Chin

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