Patricia Vega

“I eat, like, a lot, like I should be maybe 500 pounds fat.

“What do I eat? A lot. Sweets! Ice cream! Reese’s Pieces! Gummy Bears!  I buy those value packs for five dollars at Duane Reade. And I can eat that in one sitting, and it’s dangerous. I love that shit. Ice cream, sweets, cake, oh my god, every time I see cakes, cupcakes, anything like that, I will have to take it. I can be walking, I see something, I have to stick my hand out and get it. That’s how bad it is.”

“I just imagine, easily, to sit down and eat a pint. That’s just for one person. And don’t dare to stick your finger in my ice cream, because it’s just mine. I’m going to eat it all.

“I put on one of those bracelets to count how many steps you do: In one day, I end up walking 12 miles. In one day! From the moment I leave my apartment to the moment that I return to my apartment. So that’s a workout. It’s not bad. So I don’t have to pay for a gym. I can eat all the Reece’s Pieces that I want, eat all the ice cream I want, all the donuts – oh my god, donuts, we have to talk about donuts!

“7-Eleven Donuts. Oh my god. They’re the best donuts EVER. 7-Eleven glazed donuts, that’s it, that’s all you need to know. They are delicious. I have so many pictures of them on my phone.

When I was at [David Burke] Fishtail, I had the bartender bring a box of 7-Eleven donuts on Saturday and Sunday. They’re … just go right now to 7-Eleven and get one. That’s it. That’s the BEST.”

7-Eleven Donuts

Patricia Vega is the Sous Chef at Sotto 13

Interview by Laurie Ulster
Photo of Patricia Vega by Battman
Photo of 7-Eleven donuts by Patricia Vega