Chef de Cuisine Brandon Kida

“I’m pretty boring when it comes to ‘in the kitchen.’ I mean, everyone wants—I know Battman wants a story with this. I know he does.

“I do love fast food. I grew up on the West Coast, so it’s part of me. I don’t care.

“I do enjoy In-N-Out Burger. But I like it even dirtier than that: I like Taco Bell-, Kentucky Fried Chicken-dirty. And I don’t have any problem with it: I understand the consequences of it. I understand what is involved in that establishment, to produce what they produce.

“I mean, I don’t go to these things anymore! But they definitely bring up childhood memories, so that’s my comfort food, I’d say. Especially with two working parents.”

Brandon Kida is the Chef de Cuisine at Clement


Interview by Elle Smith