Stephen Giannos
For his tattoos, Stephen Giannos combined his two favorite things: pin-ups and cooking.

“I’ve always wanted a pin-up, and I wanted it work related, it’s just one piece of a whole theme.”

Stephen Giannos' tattoo

“I did one 7 hour session for the pinup, straight through. We have another session planned to fill in below and around it, but no date set in stone, I’d say another 5-6 hours to finalize it. My tattoo artist for the pinup, and [I have a] chest piece is Rob Mankowski in Rahway, NJ My other pieces are from Smivee Valencia who now resides in Portland, who comes back occasionally to do work. I have two more pieces I have planned, with a notebook of other ideas, thoughts, and plans.

“The hardest part of getting the tattoo is just keeping it clean and dirt free when going back to work, honestly.”

Stephen Giannos is the Sous Chef at élan in New York.



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