Seamus Mullen

“As a chef, I get my materials from the sea and the land; these are combining the two together. I take my  ingredients seriously and one one of my favorites — an artichoke — is tattooed on my solar plexus. To me, the artichoke is the cult warrior of the vegetables. Tattoos were done by Kaz at New York Adorned.”

Seamus Mullen, Chef/Owner of Tertulia

Watch Seamus Mullen talk to Jamie Otis about being a chef on TV, and the worst thing he’s ever had to eat.

Watch Seamus Mullen tell Jamie Otis about how he trains for a multiple-day, intense and “gnarly” bike race in Costa Rica.

Watch Seamus Mullen tell Jamie Otis about beating rheumatoid arthritis.

Watch the full unedited interview with Seamus Mullen and Jamie Otis.

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