Paula Herrera

“First excuse my English is not very good, I will tell you my history, it’s very important to me. I always wanted to cook but in my family it’s very important go to college, so I studied chemical engineering to specialize in foods. Half of the college career I was going crazy and I started baking and selling desserts in college. My final work is about chocolate and thanks to this I started to work in a chocolate school teaching and in the area of ​​research and development of new products and had the opportunity to learn to work with an Italian chocolatier Luciano Pipolo. He taught me how to make bonbon candy. The industrial part of the kitchen was very gray, uncreative, without explosion of flavors and did not make me happy and I realized that cooking, I had so many ideas in my head that it was going to explode and I started studying to be a pastry chef.  Work would not let me create and had me confined to the same recipes and basic flavors. I mounted my small business pH5 patissier & Chocolatier.

“Nobody believed I could achieve because the combinations of flavors of my recipes were new and out of the ordinary but I managed. Well I’m getting why the phrase tattoo says it’s never too late to do what you love … I leave everything to cook and have never been happier. Tattoo is a table with my favorite instruments and has a clock that says 3:00 a.m. That time I enjoy creating new recipes and flavor combinations.

“Soon I will work in a restaurant while I carry my own creations!” You can see my recipe here.

Paula Herrera, Venezuelan Pastry Chef