Erik SeitzErik Seitz is the Executive Sous Chef at The Country Club at DC Ranch

“I was inspired by the people most chefs find to be a challenge, but we find [the] creativity to produce great vegan food [to be] a pleasure.

“The design is I EAT VEGANS spelled out in old chicken bones with a little meat still on them and a couple rats to finish it off. The eye in the tattoo is an actual eye that is blue like mine. In this business  there is no one you feel less inspired to cook for then a vegan. Vegetarians are fine and actually cool to cook for because you can use a wide variety of thing to transform  a dish for them, but not being able to use any animal products is not necessarily hard; it is just not easy when you’re busy in a restaurant.


“The tattoo was done in three hours, all in one sitting. The artist is Tanner at WiseMagic Tattoo in Scottsdale, Arizona.”

Erik Seitz