Master Chef Eric Truglas Full Sleeve Tattoo

Master Chef Eric Truglas’ Full Sleeve Tattoo

Chef Eric Truglas and his Chef/Partner Dominique are the rebels of the FMC.  Of the 75 chefs I’ve met so far they are the only ones with tats. They wanted to take me to have a tat for myself.  I was tempted but backed down. I’m still thinking about it.

Chef Eric breaks down the skinny on the skin, explaining “Tattoos are for me a souvenir, my life, my story, like a cartoon… sometimes happy, sometimes sad, sometimes dangerous, but always fun and with a good ending…. ( not yet).  The black and white on my forearm are fruits, vegetables, truffle mushrooms, knives, wine glass, etc.  It’s a Bon Vivant tattoo”

We sure appreciate good living, too, Chef.  We all appreciate sharing the meaning behind the ink.  – Battman 


Master Chef Eric Truglas' Compass Tattoo

Master Chef Eric Truglas’ Compass Tattoo