BELINDA                   My first tattoo is a bee. My name is Belinda but people call me bee. I got it when I turned eighteen. I almost wanted to prove I was adult. Separating myself from my childhood with one action. Little did I know being an adult is much more than getting ink. The title comes with hard work, responsibility, and hard decisions that are all your own with their own consequences. My second was not planned. It is a buck’s head on a female’s body. She is wearing Victorian era clothing holding a pocket watch with no time arms. She is sitting in front of smoke. It happened after I turned nineteen. I came in to get my bee retouched. Another Belinda bee on back(4)tattoo artist and I got to chatting. I told him of images I was imagining for another tattoo. I mentioned a woman with a head of a deer with horns. She is nude running through the forest. Banging on a drum. He suggested putting clothing on her because my mother hates tattoos and she would die if I came home with a naked deer lady permanently. The tattoos don’t definite meaning although I could make them symbolic if someone asked me too.

Both were done at the same shop Final Sin in Pleasant Hill. First by Chad last name unknown. He was amazing for my first time. He made sure I was really comfortable. Took about an hour. Second by George Quick. Took two hours. Like the name he was quick.

Belinda deer lady(5)I can’t wait to get more.