Anthony Prontelli

“I have a little bit of love for pork. I definitely try to incorporate some forms of pork in most of my meals. The pig I chose for my tattoo symbolizes my love for the animal. It is so diverse. It is probably the only animal that you can literally eat whole, starting from the tail to the head. As a chef I can get really creative because I can do so many things with it.

Antonio Prontelli tattoo

“I wanted the pig to be a cartoon character for a reason. I was trying to make it more playful and interesting. It is a fun play on it. The glasses symbolize that he is a very cool guy and he is the king. ‘Death before Vegan’ is there because I can’t imagine myself not eating either pork or meat.

“The octopus tattoo is a different story. I gave my tattoo artist seven different images of the real octopus and I gave him the freedom of doing something cool. I love unique tattoos; I do not like doing anything that was already done before. And the octopus always fascinated me as a creature. It’s amazing how it swims, how it moves, how it attacks and how it’ protects itself.

“This tattoo was fully free handed. The tattoo artist used 70 colors do this one.”

Antonio Prontelli tattoo

Anthony Prontelli is the Executive Chef at Rock Center Cafe.