Another chef who grew up watching his grandparents and then his parents cooking, Sergio Herman’s family restaurant on the Netherlands-Belgian border served up seafood for decades. Herman had to help out in the kitchen, cleaning mussels, cutting vegetables and washing dishes.

Naturally, Herman set off for culinary school, aiming to be the best and graduating at the top of his class before becoming an apprentice at a Michelin two-star restaurant in Holland. When he returned to his family’s restaurant and attempted to serve his new dishes, customers only wanted the traditional meals they had grown to love over the years. He was disheartened until Michelin took note. Quickly, Herman was awarded one star, then two and then three.

He opened a seaside restaurant, Pure C Bar & Restaurant, and received two more stars. Herman decided it was time to shoot for the big city, leaving his family’s business to his brother and opening The Jane in Antwerp, Belgium, again adding another two stars to his collection. He has since opened a number of additional restaurants.