You wouldn’t expect to find one of the world’s best restaurants atop a football stadium, but that is where Geranium is perched: eight stories above the streets of football fans who may be heading in to see their favorite club team play.

As this list enters into the top 20 chefs of the world, we find the best of the best begins with Rasmus Kofoed, winner of the Bocuse d’Or’s gold medal in 2011 and chef and owner of the three-star Geranium.

Kofoed began his training in Copenhagen at Hotel D’Angleterre. From there, he set off to Belgium, working at a Michelin two-star restaurant. He returned to Copenhagen and worked at a number of restaurants until he was able to open own. Once he won gold, Michelin followed with a star, then two and eventually three by 2016. He has held his stars ever since.