What was started by Olivier Bellin’s grandmother at the beginning of the 20th century, Auberge des Glazicks opened as a restaurant serving those who worked on the family farm. The dishes were traditional and hearty. Bellin’s mother eventually took over the farm and restaurant, and he grew up watching both women cook.

Bellin left home for more formal training, taking an apprenticeship that introduced him to Jean-Pierre Guillaume, who set him on his path. Receiving a Best Young Chef award, Bellin joined the team at Magescq then La Taupiniere. It was at the latter where French Chef and Restaurateur Joel Robuchon came in to dine, met Bellin and remembered him for the opening of his Paris restaurant, Jamin.

After three years working with famed chefs, Bellin decided it was time to go home again. In 1998, he became his family restaurant’s chef. By 2004, Michelin found him and gave him his first star.