One of Quebec’s most famed chefs, Normand Laprise was sent to live on a farm as his mother recovered from an illness. He fell in love with farm-to-table cooking and decided to go to culinary school.

Upon graduation, Laprise went to France to ensure he would master French cuisine, working at Hotel de la Cloche outside of Dijon. Returning to Canada, he worked in Quebec City’s Marie-Clarisse and Cafe de la Paix before becoming the head chef of the new Citrus in Montreal. From there, his reputation soared, and by the late 1990s, Laprise found himself in New York.

Ready to open his own restaurant, Laprise once again returned to Canada, opening Toque! in Montreal and later Brasserie T! Both continue to be popular in the city, although Canada does not receive Michelin reviews for Laprise to be awarded stars. Still, Toque! has been ranked Canada’s best restaurant.