Born in 1933, Michel Guerard is considered a founder of nouvelle cuisine. Working at esteemed Parisian restaurants such as Maxim’s in the 1950s, Guerard studied pastries and was recognized as the top pastry chef in France in 1958. Michelin also recognized the young chef after he opened his first restaurant, Le Pot-au-Feu, in 1965. His first star came two years after opening and his second three years later.

Falling in love with the daughter of a spa and hotel chain owner who ran a spa in Eugenie-les-Bains, Guerard helped her transform the spa and developed a healthy menu to entice Parisians to travel. It was a resounding success, and his restaurant not only won three Michelin stars, but also made the village a spa destination.

The couple, who had married, purchased a nearby vineyard and introduced their first wine from Chateau de Bachen in 1988. Guerard’s restaurant has held its three-star standing since 1977.