Tuscan- born Marco Martelli focuses on dishes inspired by Corsica, Sardinia, Sicily, and the western shores of the Italian peninsula that are surrounded by the Tyrrhenian Sea. He calls it Tyrenno cuisine, Daily Candy.com calls it “authentic and amazing. You won’t find a lot of red sauce here, but you will find a menu rich in fresh seafood, hearty herbs and meats, fine olive oils, and red wines for roasting in and drinking up. Martelli wants to show diners that the cuisine of his homeland can’t be divided as a map might easily suggest. The Mediterranean is not about the individual countries that encompass the region, but rather about an area and a culture that is unique unto itself, explained Martelli.

Marco Martelli, a third generaion Tuscan Chef, spent his early years cooking at a well know family restaurant in Florence, Italy before apprenticing under notable Italian Chefs Sante Collessano of Zodaica Restaurant and Adriano Belliuconi of Natalino and LaBeppe Restaurants. Twenty one years owning and operating restaurants in his native country, prepared Martelli for his move to the United States where he opened the seasonal Marco Fire Island, followed by Marco New York in Manhattan. Marco is currently planning a new project in New York.


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