Gilles Goujon started cooking as a teen, working as an apprentice in the former restaurant at the Gare de Béziers. By 20, he was assistant chef at Ragueneau, where he met Roger Verge, who brought him to Moulin de Mougins, which had three Michelin stars.

After cutting his chops, Goujon moved to Marseille, working at the two-star Le Petit Nice under Jean-Paul Passedat. He then joined L’Escale, helping the one-star restaurant earn its second Michelin star.

By 30, Goujon was ready to open his own restaurant. He began in the small town of Fonjoncouse, which had wanted to create a destination restaurant to drive visitors to the village. Sure enough, Goujon’s cooking brought them in, especially after he won Meilleur Ouvrier de France. The stars quickly followed: first one star, then a second, and by 2010, Goujon cemented his fame and became a Michelin three-star chef.