Considered the Ambassador of Peruvian cuisine, Gaston Acurio didn’t begin in the culinary field. Instead, he listened to his family and went to law school. Yet, he couldn’t shake his love for food and eventually headed to Paris to study at the world-famous Le Cordon Bleu.

In Paris, Acurio met Astrid Gutsche, a German also training to be a pastry chef. The couple married and moved to Peru in 1994, opening their first restaurant: Astrid y Gaston.

The original restaurant began with a French-inspired menu, but Acurio began to experiment with Peruvian dishes and ingredients. It took 17 years before the restaurant received world-wide acclaim, allowing Acurio to open more restaurants.

Today, he operates 44 restaurants around the world. Acurio’s original restaurant does not have any Michelin stars, but that is because the Michelin guide only ventured into South America in 2017, beginning first with Brazil.