One of the few women gracing the list of world’s best chefs, Dominique Crenn was born in France. Spending her summers on a family farm in Brittany, she grew up surrounded by fresh foods. Her parents’ love for fine dining also took her to several Michelin-starred restaurants as a child.

But Crenn knew the chef world was dominated by men. Instead of heading to culinary school, she earned a master’s degree in business and economics. Yet, the calling was still there.

She headed to the United States, hoping to find a break in the kitchens of San Francisco. Her first job was with Jeremiah Tower at Stars. Other restaurant jobs followed, including a stint as the first female head chef of Indonesia when she worked at the InterContinental Hotel in Jakarta. She returned to California, earning her first Michelin star at the InterContinental’s Luce in 2009.

Two years later, she opened her own restaurant, which was awarded two stars, making her the first woman in the U.S. to earn the recognition. In 2019, Crenn announced all of the dishes at her restaurant will be meat-free.