Born in Pennsylvania, David Kinch got his start at the famed Johnson & Wales University in Rhode Island. Kinch moved to New York after graduation, working at the Hotel Parker Meridian and La Petite Ferme.

Moving to California to work on Mount Eden Vineyards, Kinch fell in love with the area and worked in San Francisco at Silks and Ernie’s. In between, he’d find himself in Europe and Japan, picking up new ideas and cooking alongside Michelin-starred chefs. In Germany, you could find him back of the house at the two-star Schweizer Stuben. In France, it was three-star L’Esperance. In Spain, Akelarre, also a three-star.

Kinch opened his first restaurant when he returned to California, operating Sent Sovi bistro for seven years. In 2002, he opened Manresa in Silicon Valley. The restaurant maintains a three-star status.