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Position:  Executive Chef at One if by Land, Two if by Sea
Website: One if by Land, Two if by Sea
Education: Culinary Institute of America
About Colt Taylor: 

Colt Taylor believes in sourcing locally, using the freshest and highest quality ingredients available. “My goal is to create a delicious and unique portrayal of the Northeastern Terroir for every customer who dines with us. I am particularly fond of simple, rustic, French cuisine.”

The son of Connecticut artist and fresco painter Melissa Barbieri, Colt grew up on the shoreline and was exposed early on to the beauty of the arts. Throughout his growing years he discovered he had a talent for understanding flavors and a love for the kitchen. While obtaining a degree in Business from UVM, he cooked his way through school, furthering his education and experience.

Graduating, and uncertain of a career path, Colt left for Europe and spent several months learning in kitchens around Austria, Italy, and France. It was on this trip that he came across one of the defining moments of his young career: local wild boar with gruyere and tagliatelli. “To have such simple food abounding with depth and flavor, so fresh and so harmonious, I knew this was the food that I wanted to create.”

Upon returning from Europe, his love of travel, art and food now passionately coalesced into a desire to learn to cook with classic French technique. He enrolled at the Culinary Institute of America where he further re‐ mained for a year after graduating to study under his mentor, Dominick Cerrone. “My greatest influence in my cooking career was definitely Dom (Cerrone). I spent a year as his sous chef learning every last detail about traditional techniques in the modern era of ever ‐evolving food and technology. I worked with famed chef Andre Soltner of Lutece and was privy to many other greats such as Dieter Shorner of Le Cirque. It was during that time that the true foundation which I would build upon was laid. There is no faking technique, there is no pretending to marry flavors.”

Colt worked his way through New York to Miami and Los Angeles, in kitchens with Chefs such as Portale, Cerrone, and Batali. From Gotham to the Four Seasons he has absorbed a wide variety of cooking mediums and ingredients throughout the years. [display-posts tag=”colt-taylor” include_excerpt=”true”]