At the young of 12, Bruno Oger knew he wanted to be a chef. But not just any chef: a Michelin-starred chef.

In 1983, Oger received cuisine training from Brittany, France’s Lycee Hoteluer de Dinard. From there, at only 21, he began working at Georges Blanc’s three-star restaurant, Bresse. Eventually, Oger was leading Blanc’s Normandy restaurant in Bangkok — at the age of 23. 

Before he turned 30, he opened his first restaurant, La Villa des Lys in Cannes, where he earned his first Michelin star. Within 10 years, he received his second and became especially popular among guests during the Cannes Film Festival. Opening La Villa Archange in 2011, Oger once again received two stars and continues his involvement with the film festival.