Andre Chiang, born in Taiwan, spent 17 years training to be a chef in France. Although he became the head chef of a French restaurant, Chiang moved to South Africa and was reminded he didn’t have to cook French cuisine to be good. Nor did he have to cook Asian cuisine. Chiang discovered he could create a new cuisine under his “Octaphilosophy,” which means “artisan,” “memory,” “pure,” “salt,” “south,” “terroir,” “texture” and “unique” are keys to all his dishes.

Chiang took his ideas back to Asia, where he opened his first restaurant, Andre. He quickly earned world recognition and Michelin stars, so he shuttered the restaurant and tried a new approach in a second restaurant, RAW. And it happened again.

Once again, not wanting to be pigeonholed, Chiang closed his restaurant. His newest creation, Sichuan Moon at Wynn Palace opened in 2019. And just like that, he won two Michelin stars once again.