One of the most esteemed chefs of Spain, Albert Adria started cooking at the age of 16, following his older brother, Ferran, into an apprenticeship at El Bulli. While honing his skills, Adria discovered his passion for desserts.

To follow his calling, he worked in a variety of pastry kitchens across Spain. But he took a break from cooking in 1997 to instead create a research workshop, where Adria plotted out menus and development of restaurants. After nearly a decade, Adria combined his two careers into a tapas bar, Inopia Classic Bar, which he opened in 2006. Yet, he found himself once again taking a break and reinventing himself.

It took another decade before Adria introduced another restaurant, Enigma, in Barcelona. More and more restaurants opened, with Adria working closely with his brother to create elBarri restaurant group, now considered a Spanish restaurant empire. Adria’s current hotspot is Tickets, which received a Michelin star.