What’s Up With Battman

Two Days in Kenya

A couple of weeks ago Adam Bosse, owner of Coffee Afficionado called me. During the conversation he mentioned that he was going to Kenya to check out some new plantations and that he wanted to work with me. My response was “Wow, that sounds cool!"  Adam’s response...

Wellness in the Schools Gala 2017

Bill Telepan heads up a wonderful charity, Wellness in the Schools, which helps schools serve better lunches and teaches kids the benefits of eating healthy.  The annual WITS Gala was held September 24 at Oceana in NYC, and I was there to take photos of the food.  A...

Battman Gets His Groove Back

It’s been a while, a few years actually, that I’ve been able make the rounds and visit some chefs that I haven’t seen for a while. I was finally able to make it happen this week, and my first stop was Tavern 62 to see David Burke (and to have 3 scoops of ice cream while I was waiting).

Battman Goes to Mexico

[vc_row padding_top=""][vc_column][vc_column_text]June 18-21  I attended the annual meeting for the MCF-USA (Master Chefs of France) to make my presentation for the upcoming cookbook that I worked on with the 77 chefs in North America. I spent the 4 days at the...


NYC Food Events

Fri 22

Hudson Valley Restaurant Week

March 11 - March 24
Sat 23

Coffee & Tea Festival

March 23 - March 24
Sat 23

Dessert Goals

March 23 - March 24
Sat 23

Maple Weekend

March 23 - March 24

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