I had a two day shoot at the US Open last week. Not the tennis but the food. There were 30 chefs and cooks and an amazing amount of food. I get to the first of many kitchens, open my bag and immediately get a little knot in my stomach. I’ve got the wrong tripod (the flimsiest one I own) and no cable release. Two things that are very important for food photography. I had to go through a very long day holding my breath and squeezing the shutter button as slowly and gently as I could. I also took more pictures of each dish than I normally would to make sure I got one that was sharp. I was lucky. The next day I brought the right tripod but there was an adapter for the head that was missing. I was able to use some things in my bag to make it work. It was two days of minor anxiety, but the food was delicious. By the way that’s me in the middle.