Battman’s photo shoots have taken him to some interesting places, which sometimes include not just the kitchens of the fine dining world, but also the floors and bathrooms. A beautiful shot is a beautiful shot!


#1: RM #2:  The New York Palace Hotel
#3:  Union Square Cafe #4:  The men’s bathroom at Daniel
#5:  The ladies’ room at Daniel #6:  Tru in Chicago

#1 was taken at the now-closed RM (Rick Moonen’s restaurant) in New York.

#2 was taken at Gilt, a restaurant that used to be at The New York Palace Hotel. The restaurant hostess had to move from her spot on the floor, as that was exactly where Battman wanted to set up his shot.

From Battman: “#4 on the collage was taken on the floor of the men’s bathroom in Restaurant Daniel about 6 inches from the toilet. While shooting, Daniel (Boulud) walked by and smiled. Shortly after that, Jean François Bruel — the Executive Chef who plated the dish — walked by and was not happy. I could tell because he was speaking in French. I told him not to worry, it will be fine. The next day I went to Daniel’s corporate office to show his marketing people. One of them said, ‘This is great but if you think that floor is beautiful you should check out the ladies’ bathroom!’ Thus, photo #5.”

#6 was taken at Tru, in Chicago. The manager didn’t want the shot taken on the floor but it looked so perfect, Battman couldn’t resist.