My book, Street Eats, was probably the most interesting book that I’ve produced for the Great Gathering of Chefs.  Almost 200 chefs doing their take on street food, so what better place to take the photos than in the street?  The photo of me lying in the street was not quite as dangerous as it looked.  Chef Richard Leach used a page from the Village Voice where women advertised their services to wrap his donut in. He insisted that the phone number be very clear.

When shooting Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten‘s dish, a police car pulled up and the officer said that we were in their parking space. When they realized who the chef was they said they would wait until we were finished. I was surprised that Jean-Georges agreed to do it in the street, and the big ice cream cart was from his own personal collection. It is an old cart from France that he had delivered to the park from a warehouse for Chef Joe Murphy’s ice cream.  Amanda Cook’s dish was photographed inside of a street vendor’s cart.  Eric Ripert wanted his creation to look like it was floating, so he rigged up some strings to suspend his dish.  I have no idea where Ari Nieminen found that grill.  I will dig up more stories in the future.

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