Everyone knows the dangers of the kitchen doors in restaurants. At some restaurants you enter on the right side and others on the left. At The Four Seasons, depending on which entrance to the kitchen you use, they are opposite. It’s like going to Europe and the traffic goes in the opposite direction. Well, I was at a restaurant (not The Four Seasons) talking to the chef. I was walking out of the kitchen and there was a busboy standing in front of the “out” door looking through the window. I said “excuse me” and moved to the side just for a second as he moved out of the way. That second was long enough for someone to come through the door from the kitchen. This guy was running like his pants were on fire. The door hit me just above my eye so hard that it cut my forehead. I am so glad I wasn’t facing the door head on otherwise my nose would have been on the side of my face. When I got home I had a black eye. Tomorrow I’m doing an interview with Jean-Georges and his son Cedric. We’ll be in the dining room of the restaurant so I should be safe.