One day I was making my rounds of some of the restaurants. I stopped in one and after talking to the chef for a while he asked if I wanted something to eat. I was pretty hungry but only had 15 minutes to get to my next stop. I told the chef I really didn’t have time unless he could feed me something that I’d be out in less than 15 minutes. He asked what I’d like. Isaid I wasn’t fussy. He repeated again, “what would you like”. Anything that will get me out in less than 15 minute (except octopus, I’m not crazy about octopus). He turned around, went to the pick up station, grabbed a steak sandwich that was ready to be delivered to a customer and handed it to me. It was way to good to have to eat it in less than 15 minutes. The photo is a re-enactment to protect the chef from the intended customer. The “Killer Doors” is coming soon